Research and Innovation Developments for Sustainable Food Systems

Date: 23-24 November Host: Teagasc, Dublin, Ireland

The UN FAO defines a Sustainable Food System (SFS) as one that delivers food security and nutrition for all in a way that does not compromise the economic, social, and environmental ability to do so in the future. SFS are exceptionally complex and diverse. They include systems involving few people and short supply chains and those made up of many actors and processes that grow, transform food commodities into food products and distribute them globally.

Delivering SFS requires balancing food production with climate action and protecting, preserving, and recovering our natural capital. Other balances are necessary for affordable food with healthy diets and stable food supplies with fair and open trade.

Several conferences in 2023 have been held on the challenges of delivering SFS. Various organisations, including the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, the One Planet Network, the EU AgriResearch Conference, the Global Research Alliance on GHG and the FAO, have hosted these.

The 2023 Euragri conference is the next step from our previous conferences and workshops. Our objective is to provide a forum for delegates to reflect on the emerging responses to delivering SFS and their relevance to national policies, research, and innovation activities. The Conference will explore how functional research and innovation system frameworks and approaches can integrate the complex components of SFS and their interactions.

The Conference is designed to:

  • Inform participants of the latest international, EU and national SFS developments.
  • Facilitate participants sharing their experiences and knowledge in developing research and innovation responses to the SFS challenges.
  • Address the role of the circular economy and its integration into SFS
  • Explore the development of a systems approach to research and innovation to deliver SFS.
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