Living labs are an approach to be strongly supported under Horizon Europe. Living labs aim to deliver, through concerted research and innovation efforts, the green transformation by providing spaces for long-term, site-specific, multi-stakeholder and real-life experimentation, and direction for research activities. They are intended to deliver ready-to adopt practices at the scale needed for positive economic, environmental, and social impacts.

During this webinar, EURAGRI invites you to reflect on the opportunities the living lab approach can provide for the research community to test and up-scale findings, to co-operate and – create with relevant stakeholders to implement expedient solutions.

We wish to focus on the respective roles of the different stakeholders involved and their power to set ‘the scene’.

  1. Who drives the process and formulates the questions at stake?
  2. How will it impact the process and the outcome?
  3. Are stakeholder roles dynamic concerning lead functions?


Welcome and introduction, Gerry Boyle, EURAGRI president

Living Labs as a research tool – opportunities and limitations,

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Jørgen E. Olesen, Head of Department Agroecology, Aarhus University

Signpost programme – farmers for climate action

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Siobhan Kavanagh, Manager of the Signpost programme, Teagasc

GreenLab: Municipality and private business driving green transformation

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Ebbe Kruse Vestergaard, Director of Research, GreenLab,