Products and services from the agri-food sector are consumed daily, however their production is associated with a significant amount of GHG emissions and declining ecosystem services, e.g., decreasing water quality, soil fertility and biodiversity loss. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the legal framework that provides financial supports to farmers in the EU to secure food supply and, more recently, to tackle undesirable environmental outcomes due to intensive agricultural practices. The new CAP (2023-2027) provides a scope for enhanced sustainability in the sector. Payments to the sector are linked more strongly to the targets of the European Green Deal and provide for enhanced mandatory requirements regarding biodiversity and eco-schemes and thereby providing stronger incentives for climate- and environment-friendly farming. However, it may also result in low-ambition implementation pathways.

In this webinar, EURAGRI invites you to discuss:

  1. What are systemic weaknesses of the proposed new CAP?
  2. Which solutions are science based and what new technologies provide for enhanced sustainability?
  3. Which challenges remain for scientific evidence, methodology, and technology?

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