2020 The XXXIV EURAGRI conference

This conference has now passed (2nd – 3rd of December 2020, Berlin (Germany))


Conference Recording

Speaker list

Presentations Track 1: Sustainable digital transformation of the agricultural value chain

Session: “Setting the scene”

Peter Feindt

Kerstin Rosenow

José Martinez

Session: “State of play”

Milica Trajkovic

Cornelia Weltzien

Karen Hamann

Nesli Sözer

Jürgen Vangeyte

Sesion: “Future trends. Part 1”

Tom Kelly

Cynthia Giagnovaco

Chris Addison

Gianluca Brunori

Session: “Future trends. Part 2”

Karel Charvát

Claudia Mittermayr

Anna Davies

Presentations Track 2: A governance framework for agricultural data

Session: “Responding to current challenges”

Doris Marquardt

Daniel Azevedo

Simone van der Burg

Session: “Deep dive”

Katarzyna Kosior

Alexander Duisberg

Can Atik

Martina Anzini

Bernd Rauch